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Time for the second part of my Top 10 favorite animations! This time I have only two films to share with you (…because I have a not-so-hidden agenda): I really wish more people would watch film number six, Peter-No-Tail! It is little Swedish gem that is mostly known in its homeland and the surrounding countries. I just watched it on youtube after many years, and I think this film deserves more people (adults included) see it. Also, the UK dubbed version, linked below, is really good! (The American version, on the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy. Everything just sounds wrong in the US version!)

  • 6. Peter-No-Tail (1981). (Pekka Töpöhäntä/ Pelle Svanslös). Peter-No-Tail is a Swedish animation based on a series of books by Swedish author Gösta Knutsson. This is a lovely film that tells the tale 🙂 of Peter (or Pekka/Pelle, depending on the language), a kitten born without a tail at a Swedish dairy farm. In the back of a car, Peter ends up in the town of Uppsala, where he has a lot of getting used to; a new family and being a country cat in the city. When Peter meets the lovely Molly-silk-nose, he unsuspectingly annoys Mean Mike, the self-proclaimed leader of the street cats who is also interested in courting Molly and making a fool out of Peter who doesn’t quite fit in. Mike is determined to get rid of Peter and prove that “every cat should have a tail, a tailess cat is sure to fail”.
  • 7. My Neighbor Totoro (1988). Another Ghibli film, this time a bit more child-friendly than my first pick Princess Mononoke. Totoro tells the story of two girls settling into their new home in rural Japan while their mother is in hospital recovering from an illness. What sets Totoro apart from many other animations, is that the story doesn’t really have an antagonist. Tension is built on the everyday experience of being a child in a new place and the wonder of exploration. The girls discover a spirit realm that only they can see, and befriend a furry giant called Totoro. The film is a unique animation that really is all about curiosity and imagination!