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Yesterday’s Christmas party resulted with us coming home with a surprise, a piece of paper that says Imad won a queen size mattress and boxspring! (Thank goodness it also comes with delivery and all we had to carry home was that little card :-). Every year they draw prizes at the Christmas dinner and this year Imad was one the lucky ones out of the maybe 500 guests to win. Now we just have to figure out what to do with our gigantic prize when it arrives!

The mattress was undoubtedly one of the more expensive items on the list of prizes to choose from, and when it came down to either that or a Body Shop gift box, we chose to go with the mattress. Here in Canada mattresses are ridiculously expensive; several thousand dollars for a good one (and even then it doesn’t mean that the mattress is made with natural materials). Our prize comes with a boxspring (which in Finland would be called a “Yankee bed” I think). Because we have so far preferred just a regular wooden bed with a mattress in it, we’ll have to see what to do with the one we won. Actually, I was even planning to minimize from the mattress we have now into a Japanese shikibuton, but this is definitely a huge step away from anything minimal; the American type beds are huge! Anyway I am not sure if we should keep both, mattress and boxspring, sell the boxspring, or sell both… Or, if the mattress is indeed firm enough and feels ‘right’ maybe we will be “Yankee bed” converts too!